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Matthew Burroughs has been a CrossFitter for five years, and is passionate about his dog and living life to the fullest. “I love coaching my members here, because everyone comes in with a smile and is always ready to learn and train,” he says. “I remember when I started doing CrossFit—it was just show up, do the workout, and leave—but that has changed so much since then,” he says.

Matt has played sports all his life, from baseball to football, and finally to becoming a pole vaulter and cross-country runner. “I now play ice hockey, as well as coach youth members in Arizona for ice hockey. I just love being active,” he says.

His coaching journey began when he received his Level 1 about a year ago. “Davis Monthan Air Force base was looking for coaches to volunteer their time to coach on base at CrossFit Desert Lighting,” he explains. “I jumped when I heard that, so I could start getting experience in coaching.” Since then, he’s been at CrossFit Now for about four years. “I feel like I have been growing with this community ever since CrossFit Now was in that little garage gym,” he says. “When I was asked to coach, I couldn’t say no, because of how much I love this family I have created here.”

Matt’s favorite quote is: “Accept the challenges, so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

– General George Patton, Jr.


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