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Molly Decastro has been CrossFitting for nearly a decade, but never joined a box until she found CrossFit Now. “Best decision I ever made!” she says. Though she feels she does better with gymnastics and upper body strength, she doesn’t specialize in any particular aspect of training. 

Molly is very excited about her new life as a coach. “I’m passionate about many things….my family, home, and CrossFit,” she says. “I will be retiring soon from Tucson Fire Department and can’t wait to have the time and energy to focus on family and home projects and coaching. The new chapter will be awesome!” 

Her favorite part about coaching is that it’s a two-way street. “Not only am I guiding others, but even when I am coaching, there is so much I’m learning about what cues work for different individuals, or what a member might have learned from a different coach that they pass along,” she says. “Also, by watching our athletes, I can see some of my own strengths and weaknesses and can relate to many of their individual physical/mobility issues.”

Molly’s athletic background includes swimming through junior high school, as well as basketball, track and rodeo. “I grew up in Boise, Idaho, so I learned how to snow ski and water ski when I was about three or four years old. I’ve since switched to snowboarding, which I love.” Throughout college, she raced jet skis and spent a couple summers in Lake Havasu at the World Jet Ski Finals.

She wants people to know that she’s far from perfect. “Once you meet me, it’s pretty obvious. But I try hard to do the right thing. I’m also a dork and don’t take myself or others too seriously. My most notable accomplishment is my family. To this day, sometimes I look at them and wonder how I got so lucky!”


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