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Stephen Ledoux has been a CrossFitter for four years and considers himself a “jack of all trades, master of none” kind of person. “If I had to pick though, I enjoy Oly lifting and gymnastics the most,” he says. “I am passionate about fitness in general. I have to stay fit for my job as a firefighter, so I take it very seriously. I also enjoy helping other firefighters get and stay in shape as well.”

As a coach, Stephen loves to see when something finally ‘clicks’ with someone. “That one cue, that one reminder, that one piece of advice that you give them that makes EVERYTHING come together,” he says. “That’s what I love to see and then of course them put it into practice.”

He’s always had a strong interest in exercise and sports. “I’ve always played sports growing up,” he says. “Both team sports like basketball and football to individual like snow and wake boarding. I’ve always been active.” He’s been recognized for it as well. “I had the privilege of qualifying with a team to make the 2014 CrossFit regionals. Made the podium at a sanctioned Olympic weight lifting meet, and have won a few local CrossFit competitions, both individual and team.”

Stephen’s favorite motivational saying comes from “Star Wars” fame: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

– Yoda


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • ACE Peer Fitness Trainer