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“Thomas McCann” (Time)

Hero WOD

“Thomas McCann”

For Time

50 Ground-to-Overheads

10 Air Squats

Begin each minute on the minute

with 10 air squats until all the 50

ground to overhead reps are


RX- 155/105

RX+- Same

M1- 95/65

M2- 65/45


100 Double Unders (Time)

For Time (5min cap)

100 Double Unders

-Work on getting a good start and stay consistent.

-If you don’t have double unders then work on getting one for the 5 min.


Double Under in 5 min (max 100) (AMRAP – Reps)

Do as many double unders as you can in 5 min. No more then 100.

*score is reps completed


3 Mile Run (Time)

1000m Row 100 Burp 1000m Row (Time)

1000m row

100 burpees

1000m row