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“Ceiling Fan” CJ DU WB (Time)

“Ceiling Fan”

For Time (15 Minute Cap):

21 Clean and Jerks

100 Double Unders

21 Clean and Jerks

On the Minute: 7 Wallballs

*200 Singles

*add :01 for every rep not completed at 15 min

RX+-155/105# 20/14#, 10/9′

RX -105/75#, 20/14#, 10/8′

50-59 -75/55#, 14/10#, 10/8′, 200 Singles

60+ -55/35#, 10/6#, 10/8′, 150 Singles

Basics-100 Jump Ropes, Light Weight

The wallballs will interrupt your progress as your try to work through reps on the barbell and jump rope

Every minute on the minute, you’ll complete 7 wallballs

With whatever time remains in the minute, work through as many reps as possible of clean and jerks or double unders

Pick up wherever you left off following the 7 wallballs

Your score is the total time it takes you to complete the 3 stations

There is a 15 minute time cap on this workout


We’re looking to move a moderate weight clean and jerk in this workout

This should be a load that you can complete for 12+ reps unbroken when fresh

Within the workout, these are likely small sets or quick singles


If you have the capacity to do over 100 double unders unbroken, let’s complete the prescribed numbers

If you’re under that number, consider reducing the reps or choosing a variation that you can complete within 2 minutes when fresh

See further down the page for “subs”


Choose a weight that allows you to complete the 7 reps unbroken to start each minute