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“Cinnamon Swirl” Run PU PP DL (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Cinnamon Swirl”


200 Meter Run

5 Strict Pull-ups

10 Push Presses

15 Deadlifts

RX+-95/65, Strict Pull Ups

RX -95/65#, Kipping Pull ups

50-59 -65/55#, Jumping Pull Ups

60+-55/45#, Ring Rows

Basics-10 min AMRAP, Ring Rows, Light weight

Today’s workout is longer, light, and balanced

Over the 20 minutes we’ll work through some cardio, strict gymnastics, and, light weightlifting

We can expect to complete around 7-10 rounds when all is said and done


Choose a rep number or variation that allows you to complete this station in 1-2 sets each round


The barbell is intended to be light for the push presses and very light for the deadlifts

We’ll choose our weight based off the more challenging movement – the push press

This should be a weight that you can complete the 10 reps unbroken in every round today

Remember that there is no re-bend of the knees in the push press after driving the weight off the shoulders