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“Reverse Psychology” RL Run T2B (Time)

“Reverse Psychology”

5 Rounds For Time:

30 Reverse Lunges

200m Run

10 Toes to Bar

RX+-As Written

RX -As Written

50-59-Hanging Knee raises

60+ -Air Squats, Sit Ups

Basics-3 Rounds – 12 Reverse Lunges, 200m Run, Sit Ups

This triplet workout is all about building work capacity

With two simple movements and one low-rep, higher-skill movement, you’ll be able to keep moving forward for all 5 rounds with little to no breaks

We expect this workout to take around 15 minutes to complete; roughly 1 minute per station


You’ll step back for these lunges and alternate legs each rep

There is no weight for this station – you’ll just use your bodyweight

The back knee should touch the ground in the bottom

Reach full extension at the top before switching legs

You’ll complete 15 reps on each leg per round


While this can be a challenging movement, the reps are designed to be fairly low here

Choose a number or variation that you can complete with 1 break max per round