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“Wallflower” DB SLDL WS HH (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



8 Double Dumbbell Single Legged Deadlifts (Left)

:30 Second Wall Sit

8 Double Dumbbell Single Legged Deadlifts (Right)

:30 Second Hollow Hold


RX -35/20#


60+ -15/10#

Basics-Light weight, 8 AMRAP

Finishing out the week with a workout focused on balance, strength, and muscular endurance for the midline and lower body

While the workout is an AMRAP, let’s move with quality prioritized over speed

Between each set of single leg deadlifts is a static hold

The 30 seconds in each hold should be accumulated time in the position, not 30 seconds passing on the clock

You can expect to complete 5-6 rounds over the 15 minutes


Holding 2 dumbbells, you’ll reach your back leg behind you as you lower the weights to the ground

Only 1 head of each dumbbell has to make contact with the floor in the bottom

Choose a load that is challenging, but unbroken for these 8 reps each round

Stay at the same weight for all 15 minutes


Sit against a wall with the thighs parallel to the ground and shins vertical

Hold this active position for an accumulate 30 seconds

If you come off the wall, this time stops until you re-assume the working position

Choose a time duration that you can complete ideally unbroken


The big 3 things we’re looking for in the hollow hold are:

Tight legs 6 inches off the floor

Belly button pushed into the floor

Shoulder blades 6 inches off the floor

Choose a duration or variation that you can complete with 1 break max per round

If this movement is very tough, reduce time or consider the following hollow body variations:

Most Difficult Variation: Hands By Your Side With Legs Straight

Moderate Difficult Variation: Knees Tucked To Chest With Arms Overhead

Least Difficult Variation: Hands By Your Side With Knees Tucked to Chest