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“Dirt Devil” DP HOPS DBS (5 Rounds for time)

“Dirt Devil”

On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:

5 Devil Presses

10 Over-and-Back Hops Over Dumbbell

15 Double Dumbbell Squats

10 Over-and-Back Hops Over Dumbbell

5 Devil Presses

*Score is SLOWEST of the. 5 rounds


RX -35/20#


60+-15/10#, Step Over


3 Devil Press, 10 line hops, 10 DB

Squats, 10 line hops, 3 Devil Press

Working through 5 fast paced intervals for today’s conditioning piece

You’ll complete the listed work for time and rest until the next 4-minute window begins

For Example: If the work takes you 3 minutes, you’ll have 1 minute to rest before the next round starts

To help maintain intensity, these rounds should take 3 minutes or less – giving you at least 1 minute of rest

Record your time for each interval, as your final score is the slowest of the 5

Rounds begin on the [0-4-8-12-16]


Let’s choose one dumbbell weight for both weighted movements today

This weight will likely be chosen off the more difficult movement, the Devil’s Press

This station combines a dumbbell burpee with a double dumbbell snatch

There is no pause at the shoulders on the way up, as the weight should travel overhead in one fluid motion

Choose a moderate weight that allows you to complete the 5 reps in around 30-40 seconds


Body Armor BGM PIST WGB (No Measure)

Body Armor

4 Giant Sets:

40 Banded Good Mornings – https://youtu.be/qS2PveiBtpM

20 Alternating Pistols –https://youtu.be/-e45F_LwXVk

10 Pausing Weighted Glute Bridges –https://youtu.be/DLgAPsiZbQ8

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets