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Barbell Complex 2 PC 2 FS 2 PJ

In 15 min Build to a Heavy Complex:

2 Power Cleans

2 Front Squats

2 Push Jerks


“Snickers” (Time)



Power Cleans

Front Squats

Push Jerks

17 min Time Cap


RX -75/55#

50-59 -55/45#


Basics-15-10-5 PVC/BB

Today’s two-part day focuses on barbell cycling at both heavy and lighter weights

We’ll start things off with a 6-rep barbell complex that is designed to be completed unbroken

We’ll build to a heavy complex with the movements that are also used in our conditioning piece

Over the 3 rounds of “Snickers”, we’ll complete 180 total reps on the barbell

For this reason, choosing the correct weight is important

The most challenging movements will likely be the front squats or push jerks

Pick a load for this workout that allows you to complete 30+ reps of these unbroken when fresh

The intended time range for this workout is between around 9-15 minutes


Capacity Builder DP Row (4 Rounds for time)

Capacity Builder

On the 4:00 x 4 Rounds:

9 Devil’s Press (50’s/35’s)

24/18 Calorie Row