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“Oil Change” (Time)

“Oil Change”

For Time:

1 Mile Run

50 Toes to Bar

30 Power Snatches

22 min Time Cap


RX -95/65#

50-59 -65/45#,Hanging Knee Raises

60+-45/35#,1200m Run, Sit Ups

Basics-800m Run/Walk,25 Sit Ups, 20 PVC/BB Snatches

* This 3-station chipper workout includes 1 monostructural movement, 1 gymnastics movement, and 1 weightlifting movement

* We expect this balanced workout to take between 12-20 minutes to complete


* If you have 20+ unbroken toes to bar when fresh, let’s complete this piece as written

* If you’re not there just yet, consider reducing the reps or doing Hanging Knee Raises, Lying T2B or Sit Ups

* This should be a station that you can clear in 5 minutes or less (10 Reps On The Minute)


* If your max power snatch is above 165/115, then complete at RX+ weight

* If you’re not there yet, consider reducing the weight

* Within the workout, we’re looking for smaller sets or quick singles

* This should be a station you can clear in 6 minutes or less (5 Reps On The Minute)


14: Back Rack Reverse Lunge (Set 1: 14 Reverse Lunges (7/side))

12: Back Rack Reverse Lunge (Set 2: 12 Reverse Lunges (6/Side))

10: Back Rack Reverse Lunge (Set 3: 10 Reverse Lunges (5/side))

8: Back Rack Reverse Lunge (Set 4: 8 Reverse Lunges (4/side))

6: Back Rack Reverse Lunge (Set 5: 6 Reverse Lunges (3/Side))