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“Parson the Interruption” (Calories)

“Pardon the Interruption”


Max Calorie Assault Bike

[On the 0:00]: 21 Kettlebell Swings

[On the 2:00]: 21 AbMat Sit-ups

[On the 4:00]: 21 Kettlebell Swings

[On the 6:00]: 21 AbMat Sit-ups

[On the 8:00]: 21 Kettlebell Swings

[On the 10:00]: 21 AbMat Sit-ups

[On the 12:00]: 21 Kettlebell Swings

[On the 14:00]: 21 AbMat Sit-ups


Max Cal on any machine

RX+-Same as RX

RX -53/35#

50-59 -35/26#

60+ -26/18#

Basics-10 KBS 10 Sit Ups

* The goal of this 16 minute piece is to accumulate max calories on a machine

* This progress will be interrupted by other movements that take place every 2 minutes

* After completing the 21 reps of swings or sit-ups, you’ll transition back to the machine until the next round begins

* This format will work out to around 1 minute on the machine for each round

* Your score at the end of the workout is total calories completed


* Don’t reset the monitor during the workout so you can keep track of your total calories


* The workout begins on the 0:00 with 21 kettlebell swings

* Choose a moderate weight kettlebell that you are able to swing unbroken for all 4 sets

* These are full swings that finish all the way overhead with the arms perpendicular to the ground