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“Push Pop” (Time)

“Push Pop”

4 Rounds For Time:

30/21 Cal Bike

16 Toes to Bar

8 Push Jerks

22 min Time Cap


400m Row or 300m Run


RX -135/95#

50-59 -75/55# Hanging KR

60+-65/45#, Sit Ups

Basics-12 Cal, 10 Sit Ups, 8 Jerks w/PVC/BB

* This triplet workout includes a little bit of everything: cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting

* Your score for this piece is total time to completion

* We expect this 4 round workout to take between 15-20 minutes to complete


* If you have 15+ toes to bar unbroken, let’s complete this station as written

* If you’re not there yet, consider reducing reps or choosing another option like, Knee Raises, Lying T2B or Sit Ups


* The barbell is designed to be on the moderately heavier side today

* Choose a load that you can complete within 2 sets each round (4-4)

* Let’s look to get outside the comfort zone with this weight, picking one that you’ll likely have to break each round

* The weight starts on the ground, which means we have to clean it up to the shoulders to begin each set


Row Endurance Row GHD (WSU) (Time)

Row Endurance

For Time:

4,000/3,000 Meter Row

On the 0:00: 21 Weighted Sit-ups

On the 4:00: 18 Weighted Sit-ups

On the 8:00: 15 Weighted Sit-ups

On the 12:00: 12 Weighted Sit-ups

On the 16:00: 9 Weighted Sit-ups

On the 20:00: 6 Weighted SIt-ups

RX+- 50/35#


M1- 20/15#

M2 – 15/10#