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“Another One” (Time)

“Another One”

On the 3:00 x 7 Rounds:

15 Kettlebell Goblet Squats

12 Power Snatches

9/7 Calorie Row


7/5 Cal Bike

RX+-70/53#, 75/55#

RX -53/35#, 75/55#

50-59-35/26#, 65/45#

60+-26/18#, 45/35#

Basics-8 KBS, 6 PS, 7 Cal

* Weightlifting movements are the main feature of today’s interval conditioning workout

* You’ll complete the 3 listed stations for time and then rest with whatever time remains

* Record your times for each round, as your score will be the slowest of the 7 efforts

* New rounds begin on the (0:00-3:00-6:00-9:00-12:00-15:00-18:00)

* To get the right stimulus, these stations should take 2:15 or less to complete

* Ideally, the finish times are closer to 2:00 per round, or 40 seconds per station

* This allows for at least 1 minute of rest between efforts

* Adjust intensity, reps, or variations to meet this recommendation


* With shorter time windows to work within, weight selection will the most important things

* Let’s use a moderately heavy kettlebell, but one that allows for unbroken sets throughout

* Coming off about a minute of rest should allow for straight sets of 15

* Having to break these weightlifting movements will likely lead to missing the stimulus


* Like the goblet squats, choose a weight that ideally allows for unbroken sets

* This is designed to be a very light power snatch, something you could complete for 30+ reps unbroken when fresh

* If you’re on the fence about what weight to use, go lighter and go unbroken