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1: Front Squat (15 min to establish 1 rep)


“Satan’s Whiskers” (Time)

Satan’s Whiskers

3 Rounds For Time:

10 Front Squats

10 Pull-ups

10 Burpees

10 min Time Cap

RX+-165/115#, Chest to Bar

RX -135/95#

50-59-115/75#, Jumping Pull Ups

60+-95/65#, Ring Rows

Basics-PVC/BB FS, Ring Rows

* This two-part training day will focus on heavier front squats

* We’ll start by taking 15 minutes to build to a heavy single in Part 1

* In Part 2, we’ll repeat a CompTrain Benchmark workout called “Satan’s Whiskers”

* The 3 rounds are meant to be fast and furious

* Previous times for this benchmark range from 3-8 minutes

* Volume is low, so we’re looking to keep the intensity high


* The barbell comes from the rack for our strength piece, but from the floor in “Satan’s Whiskers”

* This should be a moderately heavy weight that allows you to complete the work in 1-2 sets

* Get outside your comfort zone a bit with a weight that you’ll have to grind through for 10 reps

* You can squat clean the first rep if you’d like to


* With such a short workout, we’re looking to push for big sets today

* Choose a rep number or variation that you can complete in 1-2 sets

* RX+ requires Chest to Bar Pull Ups


* These are standard burpees

* Chest and thighs touch the floor in the bottom

* You can jump-up or step-up off the floor

* Reach full extension at the top with some air under the feet and a small clap overhead