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Shoulder Press (15 min to establish a set of 5)


“Touch the Sky” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Touch the Sky”


300 Meter Assault Bike

9 Burpees to Target (6″)

Subs:-150m Row or 10x10m Shuttle Runs

RX+-Same as RX

RX -As Written

50-59-Just Burpees

60+-Just Burpees

Basics-8 AMRAP,Just Burpees

* This two-part training day will be split up into pure strength and pure conditioning

* Our strength piece today is a heavy set of 5 strict press

* We’ll have 15 minutes to build up in weight

* Take the bar out of a rack

* Ensure the legs stay locked throughout to keep this strict presses

* Making smaller jumps can be helpful in strict movements like this, as the ceiling isn’t as high as movements that involve the hips and legs

* Our conditioning piece is a simple couplet of bike meters and burpees to a target

* These rounds are designed to be relatively short

* Expect to complete about 7-10 rounds (1 round every 1:30-2:00)


* Burpees to a target help standardize the movement

* Pick a target (bar, ring, wall) that is 6 inches above your outstretched reach

* Make contact with both hands at the top of each rep to ensure full extension

* You can jump or step off the ground for these burpees