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“Strict Nicole” (AMRAP – Reps)

“Strict Nicole”


400 Meter Run

Max Strict Pull-ups

RX+-Strict Pull ups

RX -Kipping Pull Ups

50-59 -Jumping Pull Ups

60+ -200m Run, Ring Rows

Basics-10 AMRAP 200m Run, Ring Rows

* Today we’re completing the strict version of a classic benchmark workout

* This workout was last completed on 8.20.20

* The original workout calls for kipping pull-ups, but we’ll work on upper body strength with strict pull-ups here

* After completing a 400 meter run run, you’ll complete max unbroken strict pull-ups

* You can pause in the bottom, but once the hands leave the bar, the set is over

* Keep a running count of how many strict pull-ups are completed with each set

* Your final score is the total number of strict pull-ups completed over the 20 minutes

* There is no score for the run, it’s simply there as work between each set of pull-ups

* You can expect to have about 6-7 attempts at pull-ups


* Choose a variation that allows you to complete at least 7 reps per round