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“Tread Water” (Time)

“Tread Water”

For Time:

2,000/1,600 Meter Row

150 Double Unders

10 Rounds of “Cindy”

1 Round of “Cindy”:

5 Pull-Ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats

*225 Single Unders

30 min Time Cap


100/80 Bike or 1 Mile Run

RX+-Same as RX

RX -As Written

50-59-Jumping Pull Ups, Push Ups on Knees

60+-Ring Rows, Push Up on Knees

Basics-800m Row, 75 Jump Ropes, 5 Rounds

Push UP on Knees, Ring Rows

The longer workout is centered around cardio and bodyweight movements

We can expect this pieces to take between

Let’s cap this workout at 30 minutes


Choose variations for the upper body movements that allow for:

Pull-ups to be completed unbroken

Push-ups to be completed within 2 sets


Choose a rep number or variation that allows you to clear this station in 2:30 or less