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“X Factor” (Time)


For Time:

12 Box Jump Overs

9 Burpee Pull-ups

“X” Clean and Jerks

Round 1: 15 Clean and Jerks

Round 2: 12 Clean and Jerks

Round 3: 9 Clean and Jerks

Round 4: 6 Clean and Jerks

Round 5: 3 Clean and Jerks

18 min Time Cap

RX+-M- 135/155/185/205/225

F- 95/105/135/145/155. – 24/20″

RX- M- 115/135/155/185/205

F- 75/95/105/135/145. – 24/20″

50-59-M- 95/115/135/155/185

F- 65/75/95/105/135 – 20/16″, Jumping PU

60+-M- 75/95/115/135/155

F- 55/65/75/95/105 – Step Ups, Ring Row

Basics -9 min Time Cap, PVC/BB, Step Ups and Burpee Ring Row

We’ll climb in weight and drop the reps of clean and jerks in this grindy triplet workout

This piece is 5 rounds for time, or an 18-minute time cap, whatever comes first

If you hit the time cap, enter 18:00 as your score and put where you got to in the notes

Use one barbell and change the weight as you go


We’re looking for weights during all rounds that will be completed as steady singles

Use the prescribed weights as a guide, but not as a must

To put things in context, use weights that you’ll never fail a rep at

You can customize these weight jumps to keep moving forward

You can squat clean or power clean the weight

Same goes for split jerk and push jerk


Choose a bar height that is just out of reach of your outstretched fingertips

After jumping or stepping out of the burpee, you can complete a jumping pull-up or a kipping pull-up


Jump up to the box for “RX”

We recommend stepping down or jumping down instead of rebounding

You do not have to stand to full extension on top of the box