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“Forty Five” (5 Rounds for reps)

“Forty Five”

EMOM x 40 (5 Rounds):

Minutes 1-2: Row or Bike Cals

Minute 3: Strict Press

Minute 4: Back Rack Reverse Lunges

Minute 5-6: Row or Bike Cals

Minute 7: Side Plank (Right)

Minute 8: Side Plank (Left)

Score is total reps for each

movement. One Cal = 1 Rep

One Sec of plank held = 1 Rep

Enter total reps for each of the 5

Rounds in WODify

RX+-Same as RX



60+-35/15# Back Squats

Basics-Only 1 min Row/Bike, Rest other min

2 Rounds instead of 5 15-11#

We’re finishing the week with a big EMOM workout

The two efforts on the machine each round break-up the barbell and midline work

The goal is to be moving for 40 minutes straight, so the speed isn’t intended to be very fast

Look to stay moving as much as possible over this longer workout


The prescribed weight here is an empty barbell

The intention is high reps and low weight

For athletes who want a little more, they can add a light load to the bar

However, this should be something that allows for a lot of movement and minimal rest over the 5 rounds

Switch legs every rep on the step back lunges


Your score here is ONLY time held in active side plank position.

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