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* Another sweet spot for high intensity! 12-18 mins.

* Movement Functions: Run, sit-up, pull from the ground and press overhead.

* Seemingly different movements, but be careful, as all three movements require a lot of hip flexion and extension, while stabilizing the trunk. Ouch!

* Run = ~1:45-2:15 // Sit-Ups = 1:00-2:00 // C&J = 1:00-2:00

* 1 Round = ~4:00-5:00 (if we are at 6:00 for the first round, we are missing the mark on the intention).

* Loading: Moderate – this tells us we could go unbroken for the 12 C&J, but will likely break into 2-4 sets.

* Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Up: Don’t be fooled by these! They will tax your midline more than you think. Loading: light (i.e., 14-lbs and under) We don’t want to overly fatigue the arms.

* Depending on the level of capacity in these three movements, the workout will require more effort in some areas over others. Identify the weaker areas in your athletes, motivate them to focus on quality movement in those areas, and push harder/go faster in the stronger areas.

* Good news!! Grip will be relatively fresh after running and sit-ups, so big, strong sets are very appropriate. Unbroken isn’t a must, BUT be mindful of how much rest is being taken between sets. Push your athletes to pick up the bar a little sooner than they would like. They’ll love you for it 😉

* This is not a day for singles from the very start. The rep count per round is low and the loading is moderate. Athletes should use a load that allows for at least 8-10 consecutive and beautifully looking reps when fresh. Technique will likely not improve with fatigue.

“This Little Gym Piggy” (Time)

“This Little Gym Piggy”

3 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

24 Overhead Medball Abmat Sit-Ups

12 Clean and Jerks

18 min Cap


500m Row

RX+-135/95# 14/10#

RX-95/65# 10/6#

50-59-75/55# 6/4#

60+-65/45#, Ab Mat Sit Ups

Basics-200m Run, Ab Mat Sit Ups

PVC/15# CJ


Lil’ Upper Body Pump (No Measure)

Empty Barbell Rows


*Not for measure