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* What a perfect Saturday workout! A good ole “dig deep and get your elbows dirty” kind of workout. Get the work done!

* We are looking to shoot between 18:00-24:00 for total time to complete both parts.

* Row 2000m = 7:00-9:00 (for both genders)

* 10 Rounds of “The Chief” = 10:00-15:00

* Doing 3 Power Cleans at 155 is very different to doing 30 Power Cleans at 155, AND after a 2000 meter Row. Not to mention, it’s Day 6 of a tough week.

* There is no time cap. Work relentlessly to scale appropriately to meet the intend stimulus. 😉

* Row 2000m: We want our athletes to push, but must remind them that a max-effort attempt at a PR, may not be the smartest decision. After all, it is only one part of the workout. Guide your athletes to back-off the intensity during the last 200m so they can recover before starting “The Chief”. The goal is to get a fast time overall, not just on the 2k.

* 10 Rounds of “The Chief” It is often said that this workout is all about the push-ups, so it would make sense to coach your athletes to take minimal rest when moving from push-ups to squats, and squats to power clean. Yes, it is only 6 push-ups, but they come around so fast that they will fatigue quicker than you think.

“Fish out of Water” (Time)

“Fish Out of Water”

For Time:

2,000 Meter Row

10 Rounds of “The Chief”

1 Round of “The Chief”:

3 Power Cleans

6 Push-Ups

9 Air Squats

24 min Time Cap


Bike 4000m or Run 1 mile





1500 Row, 8 Rounds of Chief

Basics-1000m Row 6 Round Chief PVC/15# 3 HPC, 5 PU on knees, 7 Air Squats