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* Sunday Vibes with a classic CrossFit.com benchmark…with a twist. We added a run. And some load 😉

* Classic “Annie” can take anywhere between 6:00-10:00 (and closer to 5:00 for some wizards). When we add five ‘loaded’ 200m runs to the equation, we can safely add at least another 5:00-7:00. So, this workout will fall somewhere between 12:00 and 16:00.

* We have 150 Double-Unders (higher skill) and Sit-Ups (low skill), as well as 1000m Run (or .6 miles). Lots of grunt work to tackle.

* Keeping a rigid body position with loose shoulders and soft knees, will help your athletes have more control on the rope. They control the rope, the rope does not control them.

* Encourage your athletes to keep the elbows tucked in. The further the elbows move away from the body, the shorter the rope becomes and will require the athlete to bend the knees in order for the feet to clear the rope.

* Coach your athletes to not collapse the chest at the top of the sit-up.

* For the run, have athletes hold the ball in a place that will give the shoulders a rest. This will be challenging as the ball is awkward.

“Annie on the Run” (Time)

“Annie on the Run”

For Time:



Abmat Sit-Ups

*After every round, complete a 200m

run carrying a medicine ball

16 min Time Cap

RX+-Same as RX




Basics -25-20-15-10-5 Single Unders

Sit Ups, no MB Run