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* Hey-Oooooo!! We have a longer grinder today!

* 20:00 of work – no less, no more.

* We will aim to be somewhere between 8:00-9:00 rounds.

* The challenge will be to complete 2 full rounds, then collect as many reps as you can until the 20:00 cap.

* Scoring will be the number of rounds and repetitions completed in 20:00. The run will count as 1 rep.


* Typically a lighter load, but for 30 repetitions a round, it will feel a lot heavier.

* Direct athletes to pick a load that can be broken in 2-3 sets max. If we allow them to break into 4 sets, it’s likely too heavy for the volume today.


* The question we can ask our athlete is “how many repetitions can we complete in under :90?” We recommend that be the number to do for today. Perhaps be less concerned about how many sets, as some may choose to do very small sets, but manage to complete all 30 reps under :90.


* A simple movement on paper, but not easy to perform.

* To do all 30 pistols today, an athlete must be able to complete all reps in under :90

800M RUN

* We can shoot for 4:00 or under, but as today is an AMRAP, if your athletes are closer to the 4:30 mark, perhaps let them grind it out. This may require decreasing repetitions in other movements to keep the rounds moving.

“Not a Smooth Operator” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Not A Smooth Operator”


30 Overhead Squats

30 Toes to Bar

30 Pistol Squats

800m Run

(If you leave before the 20 min is up for your run then finish your run and count it in your score)


Row 1000m or Bike 1600m



50-59-65/45#, Hanging KR, Pistol to Box

60+-65/45# Back Squat, Sit Ups, Reverse Lunges

Basics-10 AMRAP, 15 Reps each, 400 Run

PVC/BB, Hanging KR, Pistol to Box