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* This workout has a beautiful combination of movements – pull, push, run. Lots of opportunity for a high heart rate too.

* Another longer time domain – 16-22 minutes.

* Scoring – total time to complete the workout.


* 72 reps total.

* Approach each round with the mindset that they could be completed in 3 sets (i.e., 27 = 9-9-9 or 12-9-6 and 21 = 7-7-7 or 10-6-5) . More than 3 sets is ok, but the rest period needs be short.

* If your athletes do not have at least 10 consecutive C2B Pull-Ups, decrease the repetitions to 21-15-9-6 or 15-12-9-6.


* 72 reps total.

* Similar to the C2B, athletes should be able to complete all rounds in ~3 sets.

* Remind your athletes that coming off the Pull-Ups, the load will feel heavier than it may if coming off a run. * Lots of upper body action.


* Aim to complete the run in under 2:00.

* Although not easy, consider the run as an active recovery for the work inside the gym (C2B & PJ)


Breaking up the C2B Pull-Ups early is a good call. 5 Rounds is a bit of a marathon. If you are strong in this movement, perhaps go for 2 sets early on and then 3 sets.

The Push Jerk is sneaky! It’s tempting to go for big sets, but try not to bite of more than can be chewed. A similar approach to that of the C2B Pull-Up is not a bad strategy. If your athletes are strong overhead, they can likely do this in 2 sets. Remember, as the arms get tired….punch a little lower under the bar and move the feet out.

Recover on the run, but push to be a little uncomfortable. For those looking to get a time around 16:00, the run cannot be a recovery. Running ~1:45 400m’s will be very competitive.

“Crew Neck” (Time)

“Crew Neck”

For Time


Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Push Jerks

Run 400m

22 min Time Cap


500/400m Row, 1000/800m Bike


RX-115/85#, Chin Over

50-59-75/55#, Jumping PU

60+-65/45#, Ring Rows, 200m Run

Basics-15-12-9-6, 200m Run, PVC/BB

Ring Rows