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* Ooooo this one definitely has a gut-check feel to it!

* We will work through 2:00 on/work, 1:00 off/rest, until we finish the workout or reach 24:00 (cap).

* The goal is to finish each element in 2:00 or under (i.e., 30/24 cals Assault Bike = under 2:00 / 30 Power Cleans = under 2:00).

* If each movement is finished in under 2:00, this will be a ~17:00 workout. If not, we could be going for a lot longer. Therefore, we will cap the workout at 8 Rounds of 2:00 on / 1:00 off (or more simply put, 24:00). Scale to fit the work required within the 2-minute window or as close as possible.

* 30 reps of a moderately light barbell is challenging. Choose the load wisely.


* This will hurt a little! 30/24 in under 2:00 is not easy, especially for smaller athletes.

* Scale the number of calories to ensure your athletes are close to 2:00 and not completely exhausted. One minute of rest is not that long.


* Athletes should be able to perform 10-15 consecutive repetitions of the chosen load. These reps should look very pretty aka mechanically sound.

* Singles are permitted but the loading should not be so heavy that an athlete has to perform singles from the beginning.


* We are looking at 1 to 3 sets for the Front Squat.

* The loading should make you want to rest around rep 15, but you may hang on for a few more reps.

* We suggest athletes can perform at least 10 strong repetitions of the chosen load.


* We may go to singles for the Squat Clean, but still have the ability to perform sets of 5 across the 30 repetitions.

* If cycling the barbell requires more recovery in between sets, opt for singles and chip away.


* Assault Bike – Pick an RPM that is sustainable vs. pushing very hard and dying out fast. A 1-minute recovery is not a lot.

* Power Cleans – Once the grip starts to fatigue, cue your athletes to drop the bar and rest the grip. A quick 5-second rest can go a long way.

* Front Squats – A 1-2 second pause at the top is recommended as the legs start to tire. Breathe at the top.

Squat Cleans – This is a tricky one! It’s the last movement of the workout – can we bring a big set from the start? Try for 10. If that is out of reach, descending repetition schemes are helpful 5-4-3-2-1 will get you to 15 reps…from there, can we go another 5-4-3-2-1?


“Emergency Brake” (Time)

“Emergency Brake”

For Time:

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

30 Power Cleans

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

30 Front Squats

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

30 Squat Cleans

24 min Time Cap

Work in 2 Minutes On + 1 Minute Off

Athletes Pick Up Where They Left Off in the Chipper

Score is Completion Time, Including Rest Time


40/32 Cal Row or 600m Run




60+-65/45#, 24/18 Bike or 34/26 Row

Basics-15 Reps and 15 Cals on Rower