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* With a running clock, as fast as possible perform the prescribed work.

* Athlete must complete 400 meter Run, then 9-12-15 reps each of Deadlifts and Lateral Barbell Burpees. Then, Run 800 meter and perform 15-12-9 reps each of Deadlifts and Lateral Barbell Burpees.

* Finish the workout with a 400-meter Run.

* Score is the time on the clock when the last 400 meter Run is completed.


* The Deadlifts are the only station you would potentially stop moving on today.

* Approach your Burpees and Runs in a steady, moderately paced manner that allows you to thrive on the Deadlifts.

* Coming off the Runs and your last Burpee reps, see if you can get your hands right on the barbell for your first set.

* Your break-up strategy will likely depend on what weights you are using. If you’re breaking these up, choose an option that allows for under 10 seconds of rest between sets.

Set of 15: 15 / 8-7 / 5-5-5
Set of 12: 12 / 6-6 / 4-4-4
Set of 9: 9 / 5-4 / 3-3-3


“Radar” ROW DL LBB (Time)


For Time:

500m Row/400m Run



Lateral Barbell Burpees

1000m Row/ 800m Run



Lateral Barbell Burpees

500m Row/400m Run


RX -185/135#

50-59 -135/95#

60+ -95/65#, just burpees

Basics-250m Row, 21-15-9 Light DL, Just Burpees, 500m Row