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* We have made this workout a little CrossFit Open-Esg. Workout…then lift heavy.

* It is 23 minutes total – Pt 1.15:00 AMRAP, straight into 8:00 of Lifting.

* Scoring – number of rounds and reps completed in the 15:00 AMRAP, plus the Heaviest Load in the ‘Complex’.

* Log these workouts as two scores.

The 15:00 AMRAP


* This will take less than :30. The shoulders will feel it in latter rounds.

* 30 reps are just enough to make the barbell feel a little more uncomfortable.


* 15 Deadlifts at 115/85 will take ~:30.

* Light loading for a lower body pull. Athletes shouldn’t need to break-up 15 reps, but likely will to save grip for the Hang Power Clean. A lot of athletes should think of a loading that they can break into 2 sets by choice.


* With 115/85, we start to move into a light-medium loading. However, like the Deadlifts athletes should be considering 2-3 sets across the board.

* Movement starts with athlete standing up and taking a bow to the “hang”.

* Possibly the movement that will cause the most difficulty…..and increase the grippy-ness!


* Although not typically categorized as the “moderate” load, for 15 reps in a 15:00 AMRAP, 115/85 will definitely start to feel on the heavier side.

* Loading should allow for a fresh set of well moving Push Jerks.

* In the workout, athletes can think about 10-5, 9-6, 8-7. Personally, a fan favorite is the 5-4-3-2-1 for any 15 rep rep scheme.


* If the Double-Unders becoming taxing on the shoulders, break them up into 2 sets. It may seem silly, but the quick break will go a long way when tackling the barbell.

* In the Deadlift, even though a lighter loading, mixing the grip may be of benefit today. Loosen the grip as best possible, without losing midline stabilization.

* For the Hang Power Clean, land lower in the receiving position to limit overuse in the pull of the arms.

* Try for a bigger than normal first set and try to break into two sets fof the first 2-3 rounds. Every time we drop we have to clean the barbell again.

* Barbell Complex – After the 15:00 AMRAP, we will have 8:00 to lift and have some fun with your friends. We will aim to get ~3 sets in. Increase the loads or stay at the same weight and practice


“Handle with Care” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Handle With Care”


30 Double Unders (45 singles)

15 Deadlifts

30 Double Unders

15 Hang Power Cleans

30 Double Unders

15 Push Jerks




60+-65/45#, 30 Singles

Basics-8 AMRAP, 30 Singles, PVC/BB


3 DL 2 HPC 1 PJ

3 Deadlift + 2 Hang Power Cleans + 1 Push Jerk

Done without taking hands of barbell