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* 10:00-14:00 workout

* Scoring – total time to complete the workout.

* The potency of this workout isn’t the 12 Wall Balls and 100m Run. It’s 120 Wall Balls & 1000m Run!


* The goal is to choose a load that can be unbroken for every round.

* 12 Wall Balls = Less then :30

100M RUN

* This distance should tell you something – It’s quick!

* 100m Run = Less then :30


* If an athlete had to pick which movement they should use as the recovery, it should be the run.

* Breaking up the Wall Balls will add a lot of time.

* If a break needs to happen, try to get over 6 reps before breaking. It’s always easier to pick up a the ball when you have a lower number of reps to do.

* Don’t forget the challenge – 1 Round = 1:00 for as many rounds as you can! Shoot for a least 5 rounds holding the minute.

“Karen! Run!” (Time)

“Karen! Run!”

10 Rounds For Time:

12 Wall Balls

100m Run


12/9 Cal Row or 8/7 Cal Bike

15 min Time Cap

RX+-Same as RX

RX-20/14#, 10/9′

50-59-14/10# 10/8′

60+-10/6#, 10/8′

Basics- Rounds