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* ~10:00 of Biking (5500m)

* 55 reps of a Bodyweight Bench Press – the time is will be dependent on how much an athlete weighs relative to their Bench Press ability. This will likely take about ~10:00

* Overall time: ~20:00 workout


* Consider this a forced rest from doing 55 Bodyweight Bench Presses in a row. Enjoy the ride!


Bike – Recovery Phase. But, don’t be afraid to put the pedal down and get uncomfortable.

For the Bench Press, similar to the overhead work – when a rep gets slow and becomes a grind, take a rest. * Keep the below points of contact intact:

Heels on the floor

Hips on the bench

Shoulder blades on the bench

Head on the bench


“Belinda” (Time)


For Time:

1000m Bike/500m Row

10 Bench Press

900m Bike/ 450m Row

9 Bench Press

800m Bike/400m Row

8 Bench Press

700m Bike/350m Row

7 Bench Press

600m Bike/300m Row

6 Bench Press

500m Bike/250m Row

5 Bench Press

400m Bike/200m Row

4 Bench Press

300m Bike/150m Row

3 Bench Press

200m Bike/100m Row

2 Bench Press

100m Bike/50m Row

1 Bench Press

20 Min Time Cap

RX+-100/75% Bodyweight

RX-75/55% Bodyweight

50-59-55/35% Bodyweight

60+-35/25% Bodyweight

Basics-DB Floor Presses