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* ~4:00 Rounds – shooting for 3-4 rounds

* Movement Functions – Lower Body Push (Squat) to Lower Body Push w/ Upper Body Pull (Row) to Ground to Overhead (Power Snatch) – lots of similar movement patterns, which is why this workout will catch up on us.

* The lower back will need some love in the warm-up and this workout will get mighty grippy!


* Take a :1-:2 pause at the top of each rep, but stand up fast out of the bottom. A slow squat is a lot of time under tension. Move fast WITH control. Use a medicine ball as a target if needed.

* Once again, steady on the row. But, if you take it too easy you may be wishing you had dug a little deeper at the end. Dare to be adventurous here – go explore 😉

* Oh, the Power Snatch! Light and nasty. Big sets are advised. The load should allow for big sets. A big set can be anything above 10 reps. But, if we opt for an 8-7-5, we’re good! Set the back!! Yes, the legs will burn, and you will not want to bend the knees when the bar is on the ground, BUT…it will serve you better in the long-run.


“Clear The Air” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



40 Air Squats

300/250 m Row

20 Power Snatches


15/12 Cal Bike

RX+-Same as RX

RX -75/55#

50-59 -65/45#

60+ -55/35#

Basics-8 AMRAP, PVC/BB


DB Lunges/ DB Glute (Time)

3 Sets

15 Single DB Reverse Lunges (Each)

30 Single DB Glute Bridges

RX+ 50/35

RX- 35/20#

M1- 20/15#

M2 – 15/10#