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* Lots to get through today, hence the quicker introduction. Be sure to make the Workout Brief concise.

* 20:00-25:00 workout // ~1:30-2:30 Rounds (allot a little extra time for workout in lesson plan). 2:30 is long. The majority of round should be between 1:30-2:00.

* The first rounds will feel wonderful, but approaching rounds 5 and 6, the accumulated volume will start to take a toll.

* Again, don’t be fooled by the low repetition count per round. Think big picture and assess the total volume. It’s another sneaky one.

* 30 MU / 60 (Moderately Heavy) Front Squats / 90/60 Assault Bike Cals. Lots of volume!


* Muscle-Ups should take ~:15 for 3. Try to work through these unbroken, but if they go away do 2+1. Try to avoid squeezing the attempt. This will drain a lot of energy and you will need more time to recover.

* Set the stance and grip before squatting. Rushing this may pull us out of position and take a lot more energy than we have room to spare. Once set, squat with purpose. Move fast, but be controlled.

* Recover on the bike. It will be uncomfortable, but try to catch your breath here. Towards the later rounds start to up the intensity. Just be careful you don’t kick in too early – yikes!


“Put a Ring On It” (Time)


10 Rounds For Time:

3 Ring Muscle-Ups

6 Front Squats

9/6 Calorie Assault Bike

25 min Time Cap


15/9 Cal Row


RX–135/95#, 3 Chin Over Bar Pull-up +

3 Unassisted Ring Dips

50-59-105/75#, 3 Jumping Pull-up +

3 Parl Dips

60+-95/65#, 3 Ring Rows + 3 Parl Dips

Basics-5 Rounds – PVC/BB, 3 Parl/Box Dips

9 Cal Row


DB Lunges (Weight)

On the 3:00 x 3 Sets:

10 Double DB Pausing Lunges

10 Double DB Reverse Lunges

Pausing Walking Lunge – :1 pause with back knee on the ground.

Dumbbells held in the front rack position, with hands on handles.