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Today’s Workout is YOUR CHOICE.

You can choose to do a 40 min grinder or establish a 1 rep max Back Squat.

The coach will cover the “Excuse Me” workout for the warm up and movement prep, but will be there to assist and coach people who choose to do the strength instead.

* Yup, 40:00 of movement with complementary movement patterns. This will allow for a steady state of constant movement. Think ‘slow burn’.

* 1 Round = 10:00-12:00

* Goal = 3-4 Rounds


* It’s a slow grinder. Constant movement is key. Think 70% effort everywhere. Which means moving at a pace that isn’t super comfortable to hold a conversation, but it’s possible.

* Consider changing the settings on the damper if the legs feel a little tired and ramping it up if they feel strong and fresh.

* Steady on the run.

* Aim for no more than 2 breaks with the DB Front Rack Carry. This will get spicy, fast!

* Commit to fast sets on the Hand Release Push-Up – the less time spent on the shoulders, the better.

* The Ring Rows will catch up on you. Keep the body tight throughout the entire range-of-motion. Ring Rows are easier to do with a disengaged/broken midline, but we don’t want easy…we want efficient. Be a tree!!


“Excuse Me” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


40:00 AMRAP

2000/1750m Bike Erg

400m Run

200m Double-Dumbbell Front Rack

40 Hand Release Push-Ups

20 Ring Rows


For Bike – 800m Run or 1000/800m Row

For Run – 25/18 Cal Bike or 500/400m Row



50-59-20/15#, Push up on knees

60+-15/10#, Push up on knees

Basics-15 min AMRAP

1/2 all the meters and all reps



Back Squat (1 Rep Max)