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Today’s workout will be Strength!!

We will start with the Shoulder Press, then go to the Push Press and end with the Push Jerk

Each movement will be a E2MOM

Which means you will start off doing 3 reps, then you will add weight and after 2 min do 2 reps, add more weight and after 2 more mins attempt a 1 Rep Max.

This E2MOM x 3-2-1 will be done for each of the Shoulder Press, the Push Press and the Push Jerk. There is no set time between each movement but try to stay under 4 min so you don’t go “cold”

If you prefer you can choose to do the Endurance workout “Microchip”

The coach will be coaching the Strength workout but will be available for questions if needed.

3: Shoulder Press

2: Shoulder Press

3: Push Press

2: Push Press

1: Push Press

3: Push Jerk

2: Push Jerk

1: Push Jerk


“Microchip” (Time)


For Time:

1000/800m Row

100 Double Unders (150 Singles)

1500/1250m Row

100 Double Unders

1000/800m Row

21 min Time Cap

RX+-As Written

RX-As Written

50-59-As Written

60+-800/640m, 1250/1000m, 800/640m

100 Jump Ropes

Basics-400m Row, 50 JR, 800m Row,

50 JR, 400m Row