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* 30:00 workout with two parts

* Part 1 – “A Thing Or Two” – the goal is to accumulate as many Squat Snatches as possible across all 6 rounds.

* Aim to leave ~:30 for Squat Snatches. Scaling reps will be required to ensure we make it to the Squat Snatches.

* Athletes will likely get between 1-5 reps of the Squat Snatch. It will be a fight to make it to the barbell.

* At 22:00, we will start Part 2 – Build to a Heavy Squat Snatch.

* After recovering for ~2:00, athletes can aim to make 3-4 attempts. Log heaviest lift.


Squats – Move fast through the squats. This sounds obvious, but there has to be a conscious effort to pull yourself down into the squat. We are looking to clear the squats in under :40.

Push-Ups – Try to not go slow on the way down. It’s a lot of work on the arms. Think of a “controlled fall” to the bottom. This position is still active.

Pull-Ups – Use the hips! The arms will be fatigued coming off the Push-Ups. Capitalize on “fresh”hips.

Squat Snatch – Take the time to set-up well and work your way through fast singles. Once you catch your groove, hit a double or triple if you’re feeling it.


“A Thing or Two” (6 Rounds for reps)


6 Rounds

2 min AMRAP

30 Air Squats

20 Push-ups

10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Max Squat Snatches

(2 min Rest between each round EXCEPT last round. Go straight into Heavy Squat Snatch)


RX-20 Air Squat, 10 Push Up, 5 Chin

Over Bar Pull Ups. 105/75#

50-59-20 AS, 10 Push, 5 Jumping PU, 75/55#

60+-20 AS, 10 Push, 5 RIng Rows, 65/45#

Basics-10 AS, 5 Push, 3 Ring Rows, PVC

Squat Snatch (8 min to Build to Heavy Squat Snatch)