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* 20:00 Workout

* 7:00-10:00 Rounds / 2-3 Rounds Total

* We have redundancy from Wall Ball to Box Jump (lower body push) and from Toes-to-Bar to Bar Muscle-Up/Pull-Up (upper body pull and grippy).

* The bike is always hard, but for today it may be a good place to catch the breath.


* Every time you break the Wall Ball, count to 5-seconds and pick up the ball for another set. Don’t think about it, just count, pick it up, and do what you can.

* Stay steady on the Box Jump and Bike. Back of intensity towards the end of the bike to allow for a big breath before jumping up to the pull-up bar.

* Break the Toes-to-Bar more than you normally would for a set of 20, to stay fresh for a big set of BMU (or C2B).


“Screwball” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



50 Wall Balls

40 Box Jumps

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

20 Toes to Bar

10 Bar Muscle-ups


40/32 Cal Row or 600m Run

RX+-Bar MU

RX-20/14#, 10/9′, 24/20″, 10 Burpee PU

50-59-14/10#, 10/8′, 20/16″, Hanging KR, Burpee to Jumping PU

60+-10/6#, 10/8′, Step Ups, Sit Ups, Burpee to Ring Row

Basics-10 AMRAP half all reps, Step Overs, Sit Ups, Ring Rows