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* 7:00-14:00 workout

* Pull/Push on Row/Burpee

* You will be spending ~:03-:35 on Burpees each minute

* Attempt to row between a 1:40/2:00 for men and a 1:50/2:10 for women

* Aim for :50- :25 of work on the rower


* “Stay Low” over the Erg on burpees, think about ducking under a rope while your hopping over the rower, less distance from the floor = less time

* Four BIG pulls every time we get on the rower today, Just get started!

* Take one big long pull at the end over every minute, ghost meters count today!


“HarRowing” (Time)


For Time:

2000m Row

*Every Minute on the Minute

Starting on the 0:00; perform 1

Burpee over the Erg, add a burpee

every minute until finished


100/70 Cals Bike, Burpee over Parallette

200m Run every Round do 5 Burpees Over Parallette

RX+-As Written

RX-As Written

50-59-Step Over Rower

60+-1500m , Step Over Rower

Basics-800m Row, Just Burpee or

200m Run w/ 5 Burpee x 4