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This workout is a 15:00-20:00 grind!
One round = 5:00-6:00
The shoulders will need some TLC after this one! But, don’t forget about your midline too. Stabilizing overhead after a decent amount of Toes-to-Bar will sneak up on you.


Assault Bike

36/24 Calories will take between 2:00-3:00. This breaks down to:
18/12 cals per minute for 2:00
12/8 cals per minute for 3:00
Consider reducing calories if we cannot hold 12/8 per minute.


The goal is to clear 24 reps in 2-4 sets and in under 2:00.


A 185/135-lb. shoulder-to-overhead is a lot heavier than we have seen in a while. “Jerks” (for today) means any style Jerk – Push or Split. The goal is to clear 12 repetitions in less than 2:00…and in 2-4 sets.


The Assault Bike can put you in a hole if not approached carefully. Keep an eye on the RPM’s and be consistent vs. going out hot and dying out early.

24 Toes-to-Bar is just enough reps to require a break. Tackle small sets with quick breaks. Finish with a small set to prepare for the Jerks.

The shoulder will be tired. Punching up hard and landing lower will be your best friend. Let the legs help, they will be fresh.


“Mementoes” (Time)


3 Rounds For Time:

36/24 Calorie Assault Bike

24 Toes to Bar

12 Jerks

21 min Time Cap

Subs- 50/35 Cal Row, 600m Run



50-59-115/85#, Hanging Knee Raises

60+-95/65#, Sit Ups

Basics- 24 Cal Row, 12 Sit Ups, 6 Jerks PVC/BB


3 x DB RDL BBRO (No Measure)

3 Sets For Quality:

8 Single Leg Dumbbell RDL (each leg)

15 Barbell Roll-Outs

Barbell Roll OUt- https://youtu.be/tp5eQd9DflQ