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This is a very “Fight Gone Bad” ish kind of workout.
3:00 Rounds w/ 1:00 Rest
15:00 of total work
The goal is to accumulate as many reps as possible within the time frame allotted.


Wall Ball
-Select a load that allows for 20-30 unbroken Wall Balls. Today could also be a good day to use a load that you haven’t used before. Get some exposure. There is value in getting a few less reps if it helps advance you forward physically and mentally. Alternatively, some athletes may want to “beef it up” and use a 30/20 ball.
The goal = 20-25 reps per round.

Alternating DB Power Snatch
-Like the Wall Ball, choosing a load that allows for at least 10-20 unbroken quality repetitions, will be the recommendation.
The goal = 15-20 per round.

-The goal (females) = 12-20 (700-1200 cals/hour)
The goal (males) = 15-23 (900-1400 cals/hour)


It’s easy to go out very hot and collect a lot of reps early on.
Try to go in with a plan and strive for consistency across all rounds.
Set a target rep goal that is challenging but realistic. Holding onto this will sting!
Decide in the beginning if you want to:

* Start your movement at the beginning of the minute and rest with :05-:10 left before starting the next minute.

* Go to the end of the minute and use the first :05-:10 of the minute transitioning

* Start at the beginning of the minute, go right to the end, and strive for almost no transition (very hard!)

* When resting, try to not sit or bend forward. Walk around, keep moving, and get ready to crush the next round!


“Fight the Feeling” (5 Rounds for reps)


5 Rounds For Reps:

1 Minute Wall Balls

1 Minute Alt Dumbbell Snatches

1 Minute Row

1 Minute Rest

Score = The number of reps for each round.

Sub-Bike 1 Min

RX’d-20/14#, 10/9′, 50/35#

RX-20/14#, 10/9′, 35/20#

50-59-14/10#, 10/8′, 20/15#

60+-10/6#, 10/8′, 15/10#

Basics-3 Rounds, Light WB and DB


3 x DBPB Sled KB Carry (No Measure)

3 Sets For Quality:

8 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

25′ Hand Over Hand Sled Pull

50′ Kettlebell Front Rack Carry

The Sled Pull and KB Carry can be done on the blue turf, it is marked every 10 feet