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This is a 12:00-16:00 workout.
Both couplets should take between 6:00-8:00.

* The 21’s of each movement should take between 1:00-1:30

* The 15’s of each movement should take between 1:00-1:30

* The 9’s of each movement should between :30-1:00

The Power Snatch & Chest-to-Bar will be very grippy. The Overhead Squat and BF Burpees will tax the shoulders.

There is a huge mindset component to this workout. After the 9 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups, the number starts at 21 for the Overhead Squats.


Power Snatch – Athletes shouldn’t need to break more than 3 times across all rep sets. Break as often as needed, but make sure to complete all reps within the suggested time domains. The guiding tenet for load should be that athletes could do 15 consecutively with relative ease.

Chest-to-Bar – Athletes must be able to do 10-12 consecutive reps, and are comfortable with sets of 5 with 5-10 seconds of rest in between. Breaking reps into 2’s and 3’s will put us outside the intended stimulus.

Overhead Squats – We are looking at one break to clear all sets. This is a light load and we should be able to complete 10-15 in the rounds of 21’s, without setting the bar down. Some athletes may need to reduce the load from the Power Snatch.

Bar-Facing Burpee – It takes between 2-5 seconds to complete 1 Bar-Facing Burpee. On average, if it takes 3-4 seconds, we are looking at 1:00-1:30 for the 21’s. A consistent 4-second/rep is a good metric to determine the appropriate rep scheme for the workout.


For the PS & C2B, break before the grip gets tired.

Commit to a big first set on the Overhead Squat. Every time we drop, we have to pick it back up.

Move a little faster than you want to on the last 5 reps of the 15 Burpees. You will speed up on the 9 naturally, but the 15 is a tough place. Set a challenge to push a little sooner than your normal strategy.

Try to only rest for 5-10 seconds. This is possible if we are smart with our sets.

Rep Scheme Options:

* 21 = 10-6-5; 8-7-6; 7-7-7

* 15 = 10-5; 9-6; 7-5-3; 5-5-5; 5-4-3-2-1

* 9 = 6-3; 5-4; 4-3-2; 3-3-3


“Wide Awake” (Time)



Power Snatches

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Directly Into…


Overhead Squats

Barbell Facing Burpees

17 min Time Cap

RX+-95/65#, Chest to Bar

RX -96/65#, Chin over Bar

50-59-75/55#, Jumping PU

60+ -65/45, Ring Rows, Step Over Burpee

Basics-15-12-9, Ring Rows, Burpee Step Over