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Every 3:00, perform 200m Run and 15/12 Cal Row. Rest for the remaining time.
Time spent on each movement should fall ~:40-1:00
If following the prescribed calories feels like a max effort, consider reducing the calories.

* The first few rounds should feel easy and “not enough”, but don’t forget it’s a 10-round workout and it will catch up with you.
Giving yourself at least :20 of rest, will earn you a little time to breath, transition, and go.



You are looking at a pretty fast paced run. :40-1:00 tops. If you are unable to maintain this pace consider reducing distance or calories on Rower to ensure at least a :20 rest


Rowing between a 900-700 cal/hour will land 15/12 calories per minute. Consider this when selecting a calories scheme to be cleared in less than :40. To row 15/12 calories in less than :40, athlete should look to be pulling between 1200-900 cals/hour.


Approach this workout like a marathon. Be consistent throughout and deliver a strong finish.

Not only will it help to flush out the legs, but it will also assist in building a stronger aerobic base.

Be aggressive to get the fly-wheels moving (i.e., 3 hard pulls on the rower and :10 sprint on the bike), then settle to your pace.


“Let it Burn” (10 Rounds for time)


On the 3:00 x 10:

200m Run

15/12 Cal Row

Score is time for each round


12/9 Cal Bike

RX+-Same as RX

RX-As Written

50-59-12/9 Cal Row

60+-9/6 Cal Row

Basics- Skip Every Other Round, 6 Cal Row