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* Over the 15 minutes of work, the reps will climb by 3 each round

* Your final score today is the total number of rounds + reps completed

* To keep things simple, mark your round portion of the score as the last full rep number completed

* For Example: If you completed the round of 18 and got 3 more kettlebell swings, your score would be 18 rounds + 3 reps


* Choose a weight here that you are capable of swinging for 30+ reps unbroken when fresh

* These are full swings, finishing all the way overhead with the elbows next to the ears


* You’ll hold a kettlebell wherever is most comfortable for you in these weighted step-ups (goblet, shoulder, hang…)

* This should be a weight and box height that you could hold onto for 30+ reps (15 each side) without dropping

* You’ll alternate legs every rep on this station

* If need be, this can be a different weight than what you use for the kettlebell swings


* To maintain a simple rep scheme, let’s complete the same number of calories no matter what bike or machine you use for this workout

* If you’re short on bikes, stagger athletes by 1 minute


* In ascending rep scheme workouts like this, the work truly doesn’t start until we reach double digits

* Use the single digit sets to get introduced to the workout

* The goal is to thrive and keep moving through the higher rep numbers

* We’re always moving on the bike and the step-ups are challenging, but slow

* The one movement we would likely stop on today is the kettlebell swings

* For that reason, see if you can push for big sets of swings

* If you need to rest at any point during the kettlebell movements, place the bell on the box so you don’t need to bend down to the floor

* On the step-ups, find a comfortable spot for the bell and settle into a steady rhythm with the feet

* The bike following the step-ups is a good incentive to hold onto the kettlebell, as you won’t be holding onto any weight on the bike

* Move at a pace on the bike that allows you to go big on the swings that follow


“Southpaw” KBS KBSU CAL (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



3 Kettlebell Swings

3 Kettlebell Box Step-ups

3 Calorie Bike/Ski/Row

6 Kettlebell Swings

6 Kettlebell Box Step-ups

6 Calorie Bike/Ski/Row

9 Kettlebell Swings

9 Kettlebell Box Step-ups

9 Calorie BikeSki/Row

Add [3] Reps Per Round

RX+-Same as RX

RX -53/35#, 24/20″

50-59 -35/26#, 20/16″

60+ -26/18#, not weight step ups

Basics-8 AMRAP, no weight step ups


3x BGM TS RT (No Measure)

3 Sets For Quality

20 Banded Good Mornings

20 Feet Elevated Plank Shoulder Taps

20 Weighted Russian Twists