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One round should take ~2:00 on average.
Faster athletes may average :90.
We can expect to log anywhere between 5-8 rounds.
5 Rounds of Volume:

* 15 MU’s / 36 Moderate Loaded Lunges / 62 MB Sit-Ups
8 Rounds of Volume:

* 24 MU’s / 48 Moderate Loaded Lunges / 96 MB Sit-Ups


3 Muscle-Ups should take ~:15 unbroken. If we need to break, we are looking to be under :45. Today is a great day to scale Muscle-Up reps to 1 or 2 and focus on quality vs. speed. If we are new to the rings, we will modify to 6 kneeling transitions.

In-place: with the bar in the front rack position, lunge forward until the back knee kisses the ground, then push backwards to stand. Covering ‘how to bail the load’ is key.

12 Med Ball Sit-Ups should take ~:30. The reps are low but the potency is high and will affect midline stability on the Muscle-Up.


For the Muscle-Up, pull fast and deep. Pointing the toes out in front, while leaning back will balance the body and make the transition exponentially easier.

Try to not rush the Front Rack Lunges. Focus on good clean, set the feet, control first step, then move a little quicker once the right stance/balance has been established.

12 Med Ball Sit-Ups doesn’t feel like a lot, but in this workout the speed they are done will be the punisher. Move with purpose, but don’t feel the need to do 12 reps for time every round. 8 rounds = 96 reps – reminder 😉 Squeeze the abs to balance the over-extension of the lower back.


“The Ringer” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP 12:00

3 Muscle Ups

6 Front Rack Lunges

12 Overhead Med Ball Sit Ups

Another Scale is 6 Kneeling MU Progressions

RX+-135/95#, 20/14#

RX-105/75#, 14/10#, 3 Unassisted Pull Ups +3 Unassisted Ring Dips

50-59-95/65#, 10/6# 3 Jumping PU+3 Parl Dips

60+-75/55#, 10/6#, 3 Ring Rows+3 Parl Dips

Basics-8 AMRAP, Ne weight Lunges or Sit Ups,

3 Ring Rows + 3 Parl Dips


Move Heavy Weight 600m (Time)

Move Something Heavy 600m

*Think no more than 5 breaks, making it 100m each time we pick up the object

Score is time, put total weight in comments