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A 2000/1800m Row Buy-In should take between 7:30-10:00.
This will leave between ~8:00-10:00 to accumulate max rounds of Power Snatches/Overhead Squats/Box Jump Overs.
The score will be the number of rounds and reps completed of PS/OHS/BJO’s.
One round of PS/OHS/BJO will take ~1:00 give or take :10-:15.
The goal is to achieve 7-10 rounds, depending on how much time is left after the Row.


A 2000/1800m will be a steady effort, but just enough to suck some wind. This shouldn’t be a stroll in the park, nor are we looking for max effort.

Power Snatch
-2 Power Snatches are quick when unbroken or fast singles and done in ~:10. The loading is moderate, but should be a load that can be performed touch and go for at least 5 reps, even though we only have 2 for today.

Overhead Squats-
4 Overhead Squats unbroken should take ~:10-:15. The loading should be determined by how well the athlete can keep an active shoulder with arms straight throughout the lift, and achieve a full depth below parallel.

Box Jump Overs-
8 BJO’s should take ~:30. The box is higher at 30/24″, but the low reps makes it possible to be within or slightly over :30.


Set the monitor to count down from 2000/1800m (or the distance you have selected), and pay attention to the effort that is needed to clear the chosen distance.

Set the monitor by going to:

‘Select Workout’ –> ‘Single Distance’ –> Enter the distance using the arrows –> Click the check button.

On the bottom of the screen it will tell you the projected finish based on the effort.

For the Power Snatch and Overhead Squat, consider doing 1 Power Snatch, drop it, then the second Power Snatch will go straight into the 4 Overhead Squat.

As soon as the bar drops from overhead (steady it down), turn to the box and jump up immediately. Getting the first BJO out of the way is a big win.

Aim to hold 1:00-1:30 for every round.


“Check the Box” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



Buy-In: 2000/1800m Row

Max Rounds With Time Remaining:

2 Power Snatches

4 Overhead Squats

8 Box Jump Overs


1 Mile Run or 100/70 Cal Bike

RX+-135/95#, 30/24″

RX-105/75#, 24/20″

50-59-95/65#, 20/16″

60+-1800/1500m Row, 75/55#, Box Step Overs

Basics-10 min AMRAP, 800m Row, PVC/BB Box Step Overs