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30/24 Calorie Row

Rowing 1200/900 cal/hour should take ~1:30

As this is a partner workout, athletes will be able to give a bigger effort every time they are on the rower.

Limit transitions. Consider shooting for 15/12 cals per partner each time.

Push Jerks

30 Push Jerks at moderately light loads should be completed in ~1:00.

We recommend a load that allows you to clear 15 reps in no more than two sets.

Later rounds will need to be broken up more. Consider the below:

Round 1 = 3 Breaks (2 Sets of 8, 2 sets of 7)

Round 2 = 5 Breaks (6 sets of 5)

Round 3 = 7 Breaks (6 sets of 4, 2 sets of 3)

Round 4 = 9 Breaks (10 sets of 3)

* Chest to Bar Pull-ups*

30 C2B Pull-Ups should take ~1:30-2:00.

Find a balance with your partner that allows for less transitions and sets that keep cycle speed fast.

Consider no less than 5-6 reps at each effort for a faster finish.

Burpee over the Erg

30 Burpees over the Erg should take ~1:30-2:00.

Aim to switch with your partner as reps slow down.

We can finish a rep on the opposite side of the erg from where our partner is starting.


Strategize with your partner.

This workout will largely come down to who can communicate well.

View this is one person constantly moving. If communication is tight, transition time will be very short.

If the plan isn’t working, don’t stay in it, make a call to go to short sets.

Remember, you are a team. Two athletes working as one.


“Chesty Partner Puller” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



30/24 Calorie Row

30 Push Jerks

30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

30 Lateral Erg Burpees

Weight will increase every round.

The reps will stay the same (30):

Break up Cal/Reps w/ Partner However

RX+-M- 115/135/155/185 F- 85/95/105/125

RX-M-95/115/135/155 F-75/85/95/105, Chin over bar.

50-59-M-85/95/115/135, F-65/75/85/95, Jumping PU.

60+-M-65/75/95/105, F 45/55/65/75, Ring Rows,

Basics-12 AMRAP -Indiv Version -10 reps each

PVC/BB, Ring Rows, Just Burpees


“Chesty Puller” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)




30/24 Calorie Row

30 Push Jerks

30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

30 Lateral Erg Burpees

**Same Weight for all Rounds


RX- 115/85#, Chin over Bar

50-59- 95/65#, Jumping Pull Ups

60+- 75/55#, Ring Rows

Basics-12 AMRAP -10 reps each

PVC/BB, Ring Rows, Just Burpees