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This is a 15:00-18:00 workout.

One round should take ~3:30-4:30.

Press, Pull, Carry allows for constant movement, but each will impact the other via a shoulder burn.


Ring Dip

15 Strict Ring Dips should take between :30-1:00. Athletes should be able to do 1-3 sets to clear all 15 reps. If athletes cannot do 5 ring dips when tired, consider reducing the repetitions and/or modifying the movement.

Russian Kettlebell Swing

The Russian Kettlebell Swing means that the KBS will stop at shoulder height. The KB is heavier than usual, but 21 repetitions should be cleared in ~1:00-1:15 and in 1-3 sets. This will become quite grippy.

Front Rack KB Goblet Carry
200m should take about 2:00. Athletes should be able to get at least 100m without having to rest. The standard is to have the KB in the front rack


Aim to work through the Ring Dips in 1-3 sets. Break early and often vs. going to fatigue.

Use the hips as much as possible by driving the heels into the ground and locking the knee straight. Be ready for the KB pulling you forward and avoid this by timing the hands making contact with the legs before the hips track back.

For the KB Goblet Carry, stay upright with elbows underneath and brace through the midline. When this position fatigues take a quick break and go again.


“OH, OHHHHHHHH!?!” (Time)


4 Rounds For Time:

15 Ring Dips

21 Russian Kettlebell Swings

200m Front Rack KB Goblet Carry

20 min Time Cap



50-59-35/26# Parl Dips

60+-26/18#, Parl Dips

Basics-8 Parl Dips, 10 RBS, 100m KB Carry


3 x TGU HSH (No Measure)

3 Sets for Quality

8 Turkish Get-ups

:30 Handstand Hold