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24:00 Workout.

6 rounds of 4:00 intervals.

Score will be the slowest round.

One round should take ~3:30.

This will leave ~1:00 of rest before starting the next interval.

Important: a 3:30 round should not be an all out effort. If it is, the work will not be completed with the 4:00 period and we will miss the intention of the workout

It will be important to scale to consistently achieve :30 of rest in between rounds.

Adjust the reps and distance on the run to achieve a 3:30 (or under) round across all 6 rounds.


12 Pull-Ups should take less than :30 and in one set, maybe two, sets.

Modifiy the repetitions to achieve this. Movement mofidifications are also encouraged (i.e., Jumping Pull-Up or Ring Row). If athletes are doing the “Train Track”, we will lower the number to 8 to stay within the intended stimulus.


21 KBS’s should take less than 1:00 and be unbroken.


For today, a 400m Run should take ~2:00 or under. This should also not be an all out effort. If it is, we will not have enough time to recover for the remaining intervals. Modify distance as needed.


The Pull-Ups do not need to be unbroken, but they shouldn’t exceed :30. If grip is not a factor, hold on for the 12 reps.

If grip will greatly effect the KBS, break the Pull-Ups.

For the KBS, the loading should allow for unbroken reps. If we break it must still be under 1:00 if we are to earn :30 of rest after the run.

We can push hard “inside” the gym and pace the run.

The run can be viewed as an “active” recovery and prepare you for the next interval.

As the score is your slowest round, find a sustainable pace from the start.


“Run it Back” (Time)


On the 4:00 x 6 Rounds:

12 Pull-ups

21 Kettlebell Swings

400 Meter Run

Score is slowest of 5 rounds


500/400m Row or 25/18 Cal Bike

RX+-As Written




Basics-6 Ring Rows, 10 KBS, 200m Row