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21:00 workout.

Every 7:00 complete the work written.

Rest until 7:00 expires and repeat for 2 more rounds.

One round should ~5:00. 4:30 will be fast and -6:00, leaving ~1:00-2:30 to rest.

The goal is to sustain a challenging time across all 3 rounds

The score is the slowest round.

As we return to the DB, the movement becomes more complex and the range-of-motion increase, and the repetitions decrease by 2 across the three movements (9-7-5).

This allows for a similar time stimulus for all 3 DB movements (~:30-45).

Loading should push athletes to remain unbroken for all 3 rounds.


* Maintain an upright torso to counter the amount of trunk flexion on the DB’s. Relax the shoulders. Run at a pace that allows for fast movement on the DB’s. Going :10 slower on the run may allow you to move faster on the DB’s.

* Every time you stand up with the DB’s, brace HARD through the mid-section! The trunk may be slightly rounded due to the height of the DB on the ground, but we should still brace and lift the chest as hard as we can.

* “Party Feet” to save the arms. Move the feet in and out as needed. Reminder: the stance you choose must help you display the points of the performance for that movement. Moving poorly, even though quicker, is not how we achieve long-term health and fitness.


“Counter Clockwise” (Time)


On the 7:00 x 3 Rounds:

200 Meter Run

9 Double Dumbbell Burpee Deadlifts

200 Meter Run

7 Double DB Burpee Power Cleans

200 Meter Run

5 Double DB Burpee Clean & Jerks

Subs-250/200m Row or 12/9 Cal Bike

Score is slowest time





Basics-100m Row/Run, 7- 5- 3


MBSU TGU (No Measure)

Not For Time


Med Ball Overhead Sit Ups

After Each Set: 2 Turkish Get-Ups (1/arm)