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15:00-20:00 workout
1:30-2:00 per round
Category: Threshold
Goal: Consistent and challenging splits vs. and a huge difference between the fastest and slowest rounds.


5 moderately heavy Squat Cleans should take between :30-:60. You should be able to cycle the selected load for 15+ repetitions when fresh. However, in the workout you may opt for fast singles to minimize the eccentric loading and control the heart rate.


Should take less than 1:00. We can either push it here or use it as a recovery station. Either way, the number of calories/distance shouldn’t require more than 1:00 of work.


We can approach this workout a few different ways:

1) Singles on the Squat Cleans and push on the Bike

2) Consecutive repetitions on the Squat Cleans and recover on the Bike

3) Push very hard on both for as long as you can and hang on

4) Take it easy on both and push harder towards the end

The great thing about the above options are that you don’t have to choose any single strategy and stick to it. If the strategy you choose isn’t working for you, change it. The important lesson is that we learn about ourselves as athletes, and find the most effective method.

For the Squat Cleans, try singles, try consecutive reps, try 3 unbroken + 2 fast singles. The optimal method for you will be that which allows you to stay consistent across all sets, and finish strong at the end.


“Ride Like The Wind” (Time)


10 Rounds For Time:

5 Squat Cleans

10/7 Calorie Assault Bike

Subs – 18/15 Cal Row or 100m Run

Time Cap 22 Min


RX -135/95#

50-59 -105/75#


Basics-5 Power Cleans PVC/BB, 5 Cals