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21:00 workout

Category: Heavy Day

45 Deadlifts total

We will make a lift every 3:00

Goal: Lift heavy for the given reps. We do not need to push for a 3RM, but if it happens, fantastic!

Maintain a double overhand grip today. No mixed grips!! GAME CHANGER!!!!!


Build in load through the set of 3. Then try to lift more on the second sets of 5-7-9 than in the first sets.

Our heaviest lift should be the set of 3

Challenge for the day: Try to use the same weight we used on our set of 3 on our second set of 5


As the reps go down, the jumps between weights should be smaller.

We are aiming to lift more on our second sets of 9-7-5 than we did in the first sets

Keep the bar close!! Turn the knuckles down! Brace HARD before taking slack out of the bar and lifting!

Be prepared to drop the bar if the lift does not feel as though it belongs to you anymore.

Failed sets count.


Every 3 min



9: Deadlift

7: Deadlift

5: Deadlift

3: Deadlift

5: Deadlift

7: Deadlift

9: Deadlift



30:00 workout

Category: Sprint – Intervals

Every 3:00, we will alternate back and forth between 500/450m of Rowing and 400m of Running.

There are 5 sets of Rowing and 5 sets of Running (10 total rounds)

Score: Log time for all 10 rounds. Score is total sum time.

Goal: Complete each round in ~2:00 or under leaving ~1:00 to recover.

We are pushing today!!


A 500/450m Row should take between 1:40-2:00. If it will take any longer than 2:00, reduce the distance by 50-100m. The rest is important and needed.

The 450m female conversion is based on 90% of the male distance, which is a standard taken from differentials of Olympic male/female Rowers. We will use 90% as the CompTrain baseline going forward.


A 400m Run should take between 1:30-2:00 as well. The same applies as the Row, consider reducing the distance if 2:00 is not possible. Running faster, but a little shorter will be very effective.


“Alter Ego” (Time)


Every 3 Minutes x 10 Rounds:

[On the 0:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 3:00]:400 Meter Run

[On the 6:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 9:00]: 400 Meter Run

[On the 12:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 15:00]: 400 Meter Run

[On the 18:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 21:00]: 400 Meter Run

[On the 24:00]: 500/450 Meter Row

[On the 27:00]: 400 Meter Run